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Mic Magician – First Single Off New Album

Producers, Riddim Creators, Artistes, Engineers and lately Entrepreneurs for their very own Artiste camp BADA BADA GANG – dem is all!

artworks-000062643449-coe0vf-t500x500Dancehall’s MAD FAMBILI is back in full effect. In their 15th year Waterhouse’ most notorius – WARD 21 – announces a brand new album in co-operation with European Dancehall Outlet GERMAICA DIGITAL. ”Still Disturbed” will be a strong musical and lyrical statement and a fine showcase of the creativity and freshness of WARD 21. The album release is set for Jan22 2014 and is followed by a full size tour of Europe to kick off one week later.

First single from the new album is “Mic Magician” – a hommage to the heydays of Dancehall and in a way setting the vibe for the 15-track-joint to follow. It as well introduces BADA BADA GANG members MARCY CHIN & DEEWUNN. “Mic Magician” will be released digitally on November 27.

U ready now fi di Original Dancehall bomb?!

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