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Ward 21 Music Official Website - Part 2

Ward 21 ft DeeWunn & Marcy Chin – Mic Magician [M|NE REMIX]


Ward 21 feat. Marcy Chin & DeeWunn “Mic Magician” Original
BUY: itunes.apple.com/album/mic-magici…feat.-marcy-chin

Ward 21 “Still Disturbed” Album coming Januar 22th on Germaica Digital
PRE ORDER: itunes.apple.com/album/still-disturbed/id794399009

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Copy of Ward21_Album_Cover_Digital_340_340

Ward 21 – ‘Still Disturbed’ Album Pre Order, Artwork, Sequenzing & New Single Pre Release

It’s #Ward21Wednesday! Actually the last one before the brand new studio album “Still Disturbed” will hit the streets next week. Today we will not only introduce to you the album artwork (click on the cover to enlarge the artwork image) and the album track list but as well the 2nd single.

You can already listen to snippets of all songs and pre order the album on iTunes and several other digital platforms. If u do so and buy the album before the official release date on Jan22 you will get the upcoming 2nd single “Spot The J” before anybody else!

Said “Spot The J” is according to industry people the “madddes’ Dancehall tune recorded in a while” cementing the status of WARD 21 as being innovators but at the same time keepers of the #RealDancehall vibes. Like Kunley said in a recent interview: “We keep the roots alive so that the Dancehall can survive!”

Tracklist for Ward 21’s – ‘Still Disturbed’

  1. Ward21_Album_Cover_Digital_1200x1200Intro
  2. War Start
  3. Mic Magician feat. Marcy Chin & DeeWunn
  4. Ben’ U Back feat. Sean Paul
  5. Wife versus Mate feat. Marcy Chin
  6. Rufus Loved desrine (Skit)
  7. Clappin’ U Back
  8. Cut Inna Face
  9. U Shouldn’t
  10. Emergency (Skit)
  11. Herbs Man
  12. Spot The J
  13. Out feat. Konshens
  14. Puncie
  15. We A Danger

Title: Still Disturbed
Artiste: Ward 21
Feat. Artistes: Sean Paul, Konshens, Marcy Chin, DeeWunn
Producers: Kunley McCarthy for Wiletunes/Germaica Digital, Andre ‘Suku’ Gray for MiSik Muzik/Germaica Digital, Jammy ‘Jam 2’ James for Jam 2 Records, Trevor ‘Baby G’ James Jr. for Yard Vibes Entertainment
Format: Album (Digital)
Label: Germaica Digital
Distr.: finetunes
Release: Jan 22, 2014


Ward 21 on facebook
Ward 21 website

Ward 21 Booking Contact: info@rhythmandflow.org
Ward 21 Management Contact: info@germaica.net

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Mic Magician – Ward 21 now available

Today “Mic Magician” – the first single from the upcoming WARD 21 album “Still Disturbed” – is released. The pre release was very well received world wide, creating waves in New York’s Eastvillage Radio on Sveriges Radio Stockholm or London’s BBC Radio 1 already and getting strong support from the international soundsystem fraternity.

WARD 21 recently officially launched their new Artiste camp the BADA BADA GANG. Two “BBG” members are featured on “Mic Magician” singer/rapper MARCY CHIN and rapper/deejay DEEWUNN. Based on the ever fresh “Heavenless” Riddim “Mic Magician” features a sample of the “Original Don Dada” SUPER CAT making it both a statement and an instant Dancehall favourite.

Ward 21 feat. Marcy Chin & DeeWunn – Mic Magician on iTunes

Listen Ward 21 feat. Marcy Chin & DeeWunn – Mic Magician on soundcloud

For promos Radios, Sounds & DJs write a mail to: digital@germaica.net

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Mic Magician – First Single Off New Album

Producers, Riddim Creators, Artistes, Engineers and lately Entrepreneurs for their very own Artiste camp BADA BADA GANG – dem is all!

artworks-000062643449-coe0vf-t500x500Dancehall’s MAD FAMBILI is back in full effect. In their 15th year Waterhouse’ most notorius – WARD 21 – announces a brand new album in co-operation with European Dancehall Outlet GERMAICA DIGITAL. ”Still Disturbed” will be a strong musical and lyrical statement and a fine showcase of the creativity and freshness of WARD 21. The album release is set for Jan22 2014 and is followed by a full size tour of Europe to kick off one week later.

First single from the new album is “Mic Magician” – a hommage to the heydays of Dancehall and in a way setting the vibe for the 15-track-joint to follow. It as well introduces BADA BADA GANG members MARCY CHIN & DEEWUNN. “Mic Magician” will be released digitally on November 27.

U ready now fi di Original Dancehall bomb?!

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Ward 21 With New Management Video And Download Fi Di I Dem

Kingston/Jamaica, Leipzig/Germaica, July 01st 2013

1012172_605204356178665_719857757_n[1]WARD 21 MUSIC and GERMAICA DIGITAL proudly announce that Leander “Pionear” Topp from today will serve as the world wide manager for Jamaican Dancehall group WARD 21.

After the recently finished first tour together, which in 6 weeks lead us through 8 European countries and proved that the chemistry between us is simply right, we decided to join forces and put the WARD 21 project on another level. Finally, the journey that started 15 years ago at the premises of KING JAMMYS studio in Waterhouse/Kingston, where we met first and started working together, has taken flight.

Furthermore we also announce that from today the world wide bookings of WARD 21 will be handled exclusively through RHYTHM & FLOW from Barcelona/Catalonia.

All WARD 21 fans can look forward to more madness, more music, more songs and more shows all around the globe very soon. Please also note that a new full length album of the “Mad Fambily” is in the making.

In the meantime enjoy the brand new tune “Bomboklaaat! (She Ran Away)” which was entirely meditated, recorded and produced on said tour. The video for the song shows – road-movie-style – what the girls, the clubs and the vibes have been like throughout Europe.

You can download “Bomboklaaat! (She Ran Away)” here.

“Bomboklaaat! (She Ran Away)” on soundcloud.


From today please direct all requests regarding recordings, productions, promotional activities, shows and tours to:

Ward 21 Management, Mr. Leander “Pionear” Topp

Tel.: +49 172 360 2802 / Mail: info@germaica.net

Ward 21 Bookings, Mr. Roc Tebe Cordomi

Tel.: +34 630 265 547 / Mail: info@rhythmandflow.org

Link Up:

Ward 21 on facebook

Ward 21 on Twitter

“Bomboklaaat! (She Ran Away)” on soundcloud

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