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Ward 21 Music Official Website

Still Distured European Tour pt. 3

Ward 21 tours Europe for the 3rd time this year to promote their most recent album Still Disturbed. To get the album, CLICK HERE NOW


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Ward 21 Music – Still Disturbed Summer Tour [Feat. Marcy Chin]

Tour Schedule


Ward 21 is heading on tour again for the second time this year as they promote there album Still Disturbed. This time Marcy Chin from the Bada Bada Gang gets to sample a taste of the European tour. We are expecting big things from her.

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ward 21

Ward 21 interviewed by DubSpot [Video]

Dubspot is proud to present Roots & Future – a special month-long video series celebrating the pioneers, innovators, and torch-bearers of Jamaican music. In the fourth and final installment, we interview Kingston-based dancehall group Ward 21.

In case you’ve missed the previous installment in the series, check out the Roots & Future playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list…

Since the late 1960s, the small island nation of Jamaica has maintained one of the world’s most vibrant music scenes, sparked various musical styles and revolutions (reggae, ska, dub, and dancehall to name a few), and introduced new recording and production techniques to the world. Without question, Jamaican music and culture continues to influence a wide variety of musical genres around the globe.

Head over to our blog for more info: http://blog.dubspot.com/?p=57288

Check out our channel page for more tutorials, reviews, recaps, interviews, see what our partners are up to and more! And stay up to date with our latest videos by subscribing! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c…

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions from this video please share them with us in the comments section below 🙂

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Ward 21 European Tour ‘Still Disturbed’

tour dates

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Copy of Ward21_Album_Cover_Digital_340_340


It’s #RealDancehall for #RealPeople, it’s a #RealAlbum with #RealMusic! WARD 21′s fifth studio record “Still Disturbed” is here!

What started with the monster single “Mic Magician” late last year and continued with the pre release of the second single “Spot The J” one week ago comes to it’s birth today. A new chapter in the history of Waterhouse’s MAD FAMBILI kicks off!

Unlike the usual compilation of already released 45s which are common for Dancehall albums, WARD 21′s “Still Disturbed” is well laid out and constructed. Respect to the forefathers of Dancehall is shown with relicks of the classic “Stalag”, “Heavenless” and “Far East” Riddims. Short Skits introduce to the different segments of the album. Brand new Gangsta tunes, Girls tunes and of course the obligatory WARD 21 weed anthem is not missing as well.

Productions mainly come from group members KUNLEY and SUKU with KING JAMMYS sons JAM 2 and BABY G contributing one production each. Features are few but exclusive: SEAN PAUL, KONSHENS and “Bada Bada Gang” members MARCY CHIN and DEWUNN.

“Still Disturbed” is a course in the history of the last 15 years of Dancehall, it’s the essence of Dancehall and nothing less than saving the integrity of the genre. WARD 21 might modernize and update their music, but “always keep the roots of the music alive so that  Dancehall can survive”. WARD 21 do what they love, they don’t plan songs because music comes natural to them! Real raw Dancehall is what WARD 21 deals with, what that is? If u stand infront of the speaker boxes and the Kick and the Bass just thump in ur tummy! Dem kinda Dancehall WARD 21 is talking about!

Ward 21 – Still Disturbed on iTunes

Ward 21 feat. Marcy Chin & DeeWunn – Mic Magician 

Ward 21 – Spot The J


Ward 21 – Still Disturbed

War Start
Mic Magician feat. Marcy Chin & DeeWunn
Ben’ U Back feat. Sean Paul
Wife versus Mate feat. Marcy Chin
Rufus Loved Desrine (Skit)
Clappin’ U Back
Cut Inna Face
U Shouldn’t
Emergeny (Skit)
Herbs Man
Spot The J
Out feat. Konshens
We A Danger

Title: Still Disturbed
Artiste: Ward 21
Feat. Artistes: Sean Paul, Konshens, Marcy Chin, DeeWunn
Producers: Kunley McCarthy for Wiletunes/Germaica Digital, Andre ‘Suku’ Gray for MiSik Muzik/Germaica Digital, Jammy ‘Jam 2′ James for Jam 2 Records, Trevor ‘Baby G’ James Jr. for Yard Vibes Entertainment
Format: Album (Digital)
Label: Germaica Digital
Distr.: finetunes
Release: Jan22 2014

Link Up:

Ward 21 on facebook

Ward 21 website

Ward 21 Booking Contact: info@rhythmandflow.org

Ward 21 Management Contact: info@germaica.net

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